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"Nothing is as easy as it looks" - Murphy's Law corollary
"Everything takes longer than you think" - Murphy's Law corollary
"Whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first" - Murphy's Law corollary.
"The first 80% takes 20% of your effort, and the last 20% takes 80% of your effort" - the
80-20 Rule.
"Once I had the idea, it all came together pretty quickly" - The Engineer.

|> Poco - quadruped walker
|> R.A.D. the Robot Hack
|> Nico-6 - hexapod walker
|> Nico-II - updated quadruped walker
|> E-Ger - Edge-Running Test Robot
|> Infrared Proximity Detector w/Analog Output
|> Gimlee-U8 Octopod Robot
|> Servo Load Measurements
|> Nico the Quadruped Robot

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<| Poco - Quadruped Walking Robot [01.2008]

Poco is a simple quadruped walking robot. Click here for Poco quadruped.

<| R.A.D. the Robot Hack [10.2006]

We wanted to have a larger robot base than our mini-sumos and walkers, and acquired a R.A.D. Robot on e-bay. Click here for R.A.D. hack - Project Roland.

<| Nico-6 - hexapod walker [09.2006]

Click here for Nico-6 hexapod. This robot ran at 2006 Robothon-Seattle, and took First Place in the walker competition. The behavioral control (selection) scheme was 100% sensor-based.

<| Nico-II - updated quadruped walker [12.2004]

Nico-II is an updated version of our original quadruped walking robot Nico. The basic body plan is similar, but the legs are a completely different design on the new walker. Both walkers, however, were originally designed with the idea of high mobility in mind, rather than acrobatics, etc. For more information, see the Nico-II page.

<| E-Ger - Edge-Running Test Robot [11.2004]

This project involves development of a small servo-powered robot, designed to run around a table-top without falling off, as well as avoid obstacles and test various sensor-based behavioral protocols - see the E-Ger page.

<| Infrared Proximity Detector w/Analog Output [02.2004]

This project involves development of a proximity detector for detecting objects close to a small robot, and which uses an analog integrator to improve detection reliability - Infrared Proximity Detector page.

<| Gimlee-U8 Octopod Robot [10.2004, 02.2003]

The following page describes our new prototype 8-legged walking platform - Gimlee-U8 page.

<| Servo Load Measurements [02.2003]

The following page describes measurements of load currents and voltages taken on a prototype walking platform using 16 servos - Servo Loading page.

<| Nico the Quadruped Robot [05.2002]

Nico is a quadruped robot project, based upon biological principles as discussed in our page on quadruped locomotion. For more information, see Nico's page.


How do animals walk? Why can some animals run so fast? How do you design a stable quadruped robot? The associated page has some musings on these issues: 4-Legged Creatures. Also includes some timing analysis on hexapod and octopod gaits.

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