Untying Knots: 5 Stress Management Secrets for Digital Marketers

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Technically speaking, stress is an engineering word. It means the exertion of pressure on particular material or structure. In the 1930s, however, a scientist by the name of Hans Selye used “stress” to refer to the strains humans encounter as a reaction to changes in their environment. Selye’s work was brilliant. His comprehensive study exposed cortisol, the stress hormone, and its effects on rats.

Today, the “fight-or-flight” response of humans as a response to danger has been extensively studied. What’s clear is stress causes the human body to go on hyperdrive. That could mean increased heart and respiration at the onset thereby ultimately slowing the physical processes of the body over time (e.g., immune system, growth hormones).

In short, too much stress is detrimental to any human. Worse, as stress puts the body on overdrive, it can trigger adverse reactions (e.g., heart attack, stroke). In short, stress can kill. Small wonder, the most stressful professions (e.g., lawyers, businessmen), are the most prone to a heart attack.

As a digital marketer, stress is bad news. It’s bound to short your creativity and weaken your resolve. Unfortunately, stress is inevitable. Client demands, deadlines, and time-sensitive tasks are bound to take a toll on you. And as the pandemic has placed greater emphasis on digital marketing, the pressure should be double now more than ever.

Lucky for you, stress is a knot you can unravel. What’s important is you learn to manage yourself with regards to the work at hand. Listed below are proven stress management tips that are tailored fit for digital marketers straight from the experts.

Categorize Various Aspects of Your Job

With everything that’s expected of you, it’s hard not to be panicky when things go out of hand. Indeed, you could be easily overwhelmed. There are just so many things that could spread a digital marketer thin. Examples are:

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • PPC
  • Email marketing

But it’s all about being effective. To be able to handle a greater load,  you much be able to adjust your approach in doing things. Or you can end up ineffective — and thereby inutile.

It’s all about proper management. To start, make the most of comprehensive analytic tools rather than having to juggle a lot of tools at the same time. Stick to a workable content development process and schedule posts on social media and the web ahead of time.

Additionally, take time to organize your marketing campaigns (e.g., social media, PPC, SEO) ahead of time.

Delegation is key to finish tasks on time. Match teams and different tasks. Make sure each team leader understands what’s expected of his team and the deadline. In this regard, all-in-one marketing tools offered by SEMRush, Hubspot, and Moz can be your great ally.

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Don’t Forget to Recharge Your Batteries

The greatest mistake you can have is to think you can work effectively if you work hard enough. Without factoring in downtime and taking care of your needs, you’re bound to end up unable to deliver quality work on time. Instead, you’ll break down. So before you take on tasks, make sure you schedule your rest and breaks.

A good example here is the Pomodoro technique. By taking scheduled breaks every 25 minutes when working you ensure greater productivity.

Additionally, live an active life. As a digital marketer, it’s easy for you to be tied to the chair working all day. But that’s counterproductive. Scheduling time to exercise and sweat means your body and mental processes will always be in tiptop shape. Exercise boosts not only the physical aspect to ward off diseases but also promotes mental health.

In light of the virus, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t get fully vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines available today are FDA approved and go through extensive processing.

All FDA-approved drugs are vetted meticulously. For example, drug absorption is conducted to know how easily a pharmaceutical formulation can be absorbed into the bloodstream through innovative pharmaceutical absorption tools.

Chop Your Goals

Your digital marketing goals are bound to cause you sleepless nights. A good way to get to them is to break them into mini-goals or steps.

For instance, instead of targeting your website to land on the first page of the SERPs organically, you might want to break that lofty goal down into pieces. First, you may want to get a bankable content marketing guy and an expert in SEO. While you may be able to do all these things, having to do them all the time is going to set you up for a heart attack.

Make the Most of One Instant Communication Tool

Here’s where the right tech can help you. For your team to work at their best,  you need to find a team management software or a workflow system that allows everyone, from the boss to down the line, to communicate.

Doing that will help you streamline your operations and finish your job on target.

Max on Marketing Automation Software

If you have a lot of leads on hand, then you should be using marketing automation software. That can save you a lot of needless back-and-forth between the sales and marketing departments.

Indeed, the right technology can be a shot in the arm in your quest for better digital numbers. To make the most of them means to ensure you’re less stressed than you have to be. And that should improve your bottom line like never before.

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