Where to Put Keywords for True SEO Success

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to the success of websites, and your chosen keywords are a huge contributing factor to the success of your SEO efforts. This is even more crucial if you depend significantly on organic search results for driving traffic to your site instead of paid advertising.

While there are plenty of places where you can incorporate your keywords when developing your site and creating content, what you need to remember is to avoid overloading or over stuffing them everywhere. Once you have done your keyword research though, below are essential places to incorporate them in your site for SEO success.

Title Tag

This is the first thing search engines look into. This is what you see on the actual link on search engine results pages (SERPs). Because this is among the most vital places to highlight your keywords, you need to make sure that each page’s title tag is your most important.

Your title tag is likewise what users will see on their browsers. Basically, search engines and users will utilize the title tag for identifying your content and navigating your site. So, with the help of experts in SEO services in Denver, CO, make sure your title tags are written properly to please users and search engines.

Meta Description Tag

In your header, you can see many hidden meta tags that can only search engines can see, and this includes the meta description tag. When you write it, it is immensely crucial that it is as concise but as clear as possible.

The main reason for this is that search engines would generally only read the meta description tag’s initial 150 characters, which means that you have a very narrow window of opportunity for your keywords to be read.


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The primary reason you have a website in the first place is to showcase its content, meaning that it is the backbone or foundation of everything on your site. This is also what readers would link to and what would draw them into your site.

A very critical consideration when you write your page content is the density of your keywords. Although it is common practice to incorporate keywords as many times as possible, you should not do so. Keep in mind that you are not selling to search engines but to real people, so if people cannot understand your content because of keyword stuffing or your content reads awkward, it could make a poor impression on people and reduce your chances of them converting.

As long as you know the keywords you are targeting when drafting your content, you will end up with the right keyword density, which is generally between 3% and 5% of your content. Do note though that some SEO experts agree that using keywords two or three times in your content will suffice.

Yes, your main objective is to leverage all opportunities for incorporating keywords in your site. But you must do so in ways that will improve the usability of your site and are relevant to the page’s content so that search engines will understand your site, and in turn improve your SEO results.

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