Finding Your Customers’ Pain Points

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The customer pain points are stumbling blocks to the success of any company. In the customer’s journey, there are times when the service fails to meet their expectations. The moment you discover them, you have to immediately address them and deliver great customer experience that they will surely love. Here are some ways to determine pain points in customers and address them for guaranteed customer satisfaction:

Check and go through your social media accounts

Today, social media channels are the source of information for business enterprises. Many customers love to share a great experience and are fast to point when things go awry. Customer service representatives must address any concern that they have immediately. Moreover, take a good close look at these social media platforms and assess any recurring issues that need immediate resolution. Products and services must be reconsidered if they result in any frustrations for the customers.

Know exactly what your customers want

To further know and discover your customer’s pain points, you have to start by asking what specifically leads them to buy from you. Each purchase is driven by a need, and your brand is expected to offer the solution to that need. Know which specific keywords the customer used in searching online to know what they want exactly.

Ask customer service and sales agents about their experiences

Customer service staff can help identify contact center problems and issues that hinder them from performing their best work. Any call center order-taking service will have the functionality for comment and feedback. The sales agent can help identify customer’s buying choices and relay any information surrounding any product weakness that has to be addressed.

Ask for reviews and feedback

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All customer feedback is valuable in identifying pain points. You have to conduct surveys to reveal better insights into customer service and overall sales processes. But there is entirely nothing wrong with asking customers to provide input. Do some surveys from time to time on their preferred channels. Do not think twice to ask them how your brand can be further improved.

Monitor abandonment rates

You know that you have a serious problem when your customers dwindle and give up on your business. Check the call and chat abandonment percentages to see if the customers are hanging up due to very long hold times and other issues. It is important to set up a callback system for voice channels for better organization. Customers do not like it when an agent takes very long to respond in live chats. More importantly, check the shopping cart abandonment rates on various channels and platforms. Whenever customers find it very hard to reach and purchase from you, everything else can get downhill from there.

Overall, properly identifying your customer pain points is vital to creating better customer experience that helps win loyalty and customer retention. Make sure to always take your customer’s words to heart. Work hard as an organization to address these problems that are standing in the way of their satisfaction as valued customers.

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