Adding Subtitles to Your Videos Boosts Your Strategy

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Corporate videos aim to showcase your business to customers or clients and introduce company policies to new hires. They’re a way to reach out to your intended audience without boring them with a 1,000-word blog post about a new product line you’re launching. For many businesses, corporate videos are also used to attract clients and investors to look into the benefits of supporting and investing in the company. Video is a fun visual way to tell your company’s story.

But do you know that there’s a way you can make your corporate videos 10 times more effective? Your B2B customer onboarding video, for example, can be 10 times more effective than it already is if you add subtitles. It can reach out to people with disabilities in your clientele. It can also improve the comprehension of your message.

Subtitles are text overlays on the videos you have grown accustomed to watching. Netflix is a great example of how to use subtitles to reach a wider audience. This is the same principle you must use when adding subtitles to your corporate videos. The goal is to reach more clients with your message.

Not Everyone Can Hear

In the United States, statistics say that there are about 28 million Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing. All over the world, about 5% of the population or 466 million people have hearing disabilities. By 2050, it is estimated that over 900 million people or one in every 10 people will not be able to hear properly. This is a huge audience that you could be isolating because you didn’t take the time to put subtitles on your videos. They could be anyone—investors, businessmen, potential clients, distributors, and customers.

Improve Comprehension

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It’s funny, but people prefer watching videos with subtitles even if they are native speakers of the language used in those videos. They understand the message better when they can read the dialogue. The subtitles act as confirmation of the messages being heard. A quick survey showed that people turn on subtitles when they can. If you’re sending an onboarding corporate video to a client, for example, the presence of subtitles makes it easier for them to understand the message better.

Not Everyone Speaks Your Language

If you want to reach more potential clients and investors, your videos need to be flexible. That means that they have to be understood even by people who don’t speak the language used. This is what subtitles are mainly used for at the start. They’re used to widen the reach of foreign movies.

Now, everyone can watch a South Korean movie or drama because of subtitles. You should also consider trying to attract foreign-speaking clients and investors. They could be invaluable to your business, but the language barrier is stopping them from inquiring about your products or services.

Corporate videos, whether used for onboarding clients and new hires or attracting customers, should be direct and easy to comprehend. Otherwise, they would lose their sense of purpose. Adding subtitles to your corporate videos is one step nearer to making them a more effective communication tool.

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