Marketing Sense: Online Advertising Techniques

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Advertising is a lucrative business. It is marketing a product with sophisticated strategies. When you see a job listing that says “digital marketing company in Las Vegas,” that might mean they have a good presence in that city and online. When you give your phone or laptop permission to detect your location and check the Internet, you might see ads about casinos and hotels here.

The advent of the Internet has made the world a smaller place. It is a necessity now for millions of people. Due to this, advertising can reach more people. You might be wondering how effective it is to advertise online. There are many strategies you can learn. Here are some of them.

Stealth Advertising

advertising conceptSpreading word of mouth is an effective marketing strategy. It harnesses what could be the best endorser anyone could want: people. That means there is no need to hire any celebrities or personalities to sell a product or service.

On the Internet, there are many ways you can market without being noticed. You can scour various forums and drop the seeds there. Here you can provide feedback, testimonials, or questions about a product. It’s both advertising and testing the waters, which you can say is a win-win situation. Popular websites often feature a comments section. It can also be used as a channel to promote something. Make sure you stick to the tenets of stealth marketing because you can see others who post comments where they are blatantly advertising something. It is not effective as it would stick out and get flagged or ignored by the readers.

Viral Marketing

It is the age of social media. A lot of people spend much of their time browsing profiles of others. If traditional marketing strategies have you hire established personalities, with online ones, you can look for persons who have a vast network of followers. They are known as Influencers who fall into this category, and they are considered internet celebrities.

Once the gears have started running, it now has the potential to go viral. That is where the thousands of followers share the information, reaching to more people using the various platforms. Someone will share it with their friends, and each of them will do the same to their own network of friends. What started to be thousands of people become millions. It is truly contagious, but it’s good that you are spreading product awareness.

Targeted Advertising

When you browse the Internet, a lot of data is collected from you, like the sites you visit, the games you play, or the movies you watch. These are used to market to your specific interests. In contrast, more traditional advertisements on TV can only do this on a limited scale. They can only have data about which type of audience watches a specific kind of show. For example, they know those who watch sports are mostly men. That is why you see ads about shaving cream and hardware tools during games. If you are not part of the demographic, you will probably skip those. Targeted advertising online is a more personal approach. Since it caters to your interest and is not locked to a specific viewing schedule, there’s less chance of you ignoring the ad.

Time and time again, the Internet keeps redefining the modern world as you know it. But marketing will still be here, and it will evolve along with the times.

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