Strange Mobile Apps You Might Find Interesting

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Mobile apps make things easier for most of us. Did you lose your keys? A mobile app can help you find them. Do you need to make sure your blood sugar isn’t too high? A mobile app will analyze the food you’re about to eat and tell you if it has too much sugar in it.

Mobile apps are even more useful if you’re running a business. If you want to target more customers or improve your customer service, you can ask someone to customize a mobile application that will suit your business needs. You could visit Illumisoft or several other companies that create truly useful apps and systems.

But some mobile apps boggle the mind because you’ll wonder if someone needs an app to inform anyone of the places where they used the toilet before. Maybe you need these weird apps but try to keep an open mind if you think they are too strange.


You’ve heard of Tinder, which is a social search mobile app that lets you meet up with people you want to date. But, have you heard of a mobile app that will lead you to a person you can cuddle?

Cuddlr is a mobile app that will let you know if there are any people in your vicinity who are willing to let you hug them. The mechanics of this app are the same as Tinder and other social searching mobile apps.

Unfortunately, Cuddlr, which changed its name to Spoonr, encountered so many criticisms that it eventually shut down operations. Cuddlr/Spoonr stopped operating on January 2017.

Demotivational Pics

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If you’re looking for something to cheer you up, look somewhere else. This mobile app’s objective is to add more gloom to your day with pictures and taglines that will only tell you that worse is yet to come.

Some of the pictures are funny and sarcastic so that you might like this app despite its primary objective. Download it at your own risk.

Places I’ve Pooped

The name says it all. If you want to mark your territory, then, by all means, download this app to your phone and take note of all the places you did a number two. Although, this app could be useful if you can make a note of every public toilet you went to that gave you a subpar toilet experience. This way, you’ll be able to avoid those toilets in the future.

Run Pee

Now, this app can be useful if you’re a frequent moviegoer who also often finds it difficult to figure out when’s the best time to go to the restroom. If you have this app, it will let you know if it’s okay to run to the restroom because you’re not missing any important plot points in the movie.

Spirit Story Box: Ghost Hunting Tool

If you believe in ghosts and if you think there are some around you, then this mobile app can be useful to you. This app supposedly tells you what the spirits around you are saying if you believe in their existence. Although it would be delightfully creepy if the mobile app does tell you that there’s a ghost right beside you who wants to talk to you.

So, these are some of the weird mobile apps you can find online. Some of them are useful (barely), while others are just for fun. So, download them if you like, and hopefully, they’ll be of some use to you.

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