The Technology Behind Directional Drilling for Water

This video produced by @STUDIOLEX for directional drilling experts Visser & Smit Hanab uses incredible graphics to demonstrate clearly how horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for water actually works.

Horizontal directional drilling, sometimes called trenchless boring or directional boring, uses advanced tech to guide drill bits through the ground. The result is incredibly accurate holes that can run for miles through multiple ground formations.

Video Source

The guided paths can circumvent existing networks, tunnels, and other obstacles.

Many people might be aware of this technique for laying pipes or cables, but it’s also used extensively for waterworks. During the video, viewers can watch the pilot drill carve out the initial pathway through the ground. A larger drill bit called a fly cutter then back reams this path, widening it significantly. If the hole needs to be widened more, a barrel reamer can do this.

Once the tunnel is prepared, the necessary pipes are pulled into the hole, which will be exactly the right diameter and in exactly the right place.

Directional drilling is the clear winner when it comes to minimizing disruption and lowering the impact of work that needs to be carried out. Watch the video and see these incredible drills in action.

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