Window Shoppers: How to Convert them to Paying Customers

window shopping

With the continual advancements in technology, business owners are inundated with innovative marketing strategies and tools to increase their customer base and improve service delivery. Off and online resources are available for all businesses, from start-ups to corporate titans, to boost their brand and stay ahead of the competition. The business plan should be flexible and adaptable enough to accommodate the latest trends and gizmos. Although the product offered by your company may be well thought out and in demand, attracting customers and converting them to buyers can remain a challenge.

If you are having a hard time selling your products to the UK consumer, you need to learn a thing or two about today’s buying trends and customer behaviour.

Taking Advantage of UK Customer’s Buying Trends

First off, you need to know that most Brits use the internet to find what they want. If you are starting a business, you might want to find solutions to bring your products and services online. Around 86 per cent of the country’s population browse online, with an average daily use of nearly six hours. The figure proves the considerable potential for marketing online and conversion rates for website visitors. If your company cannot make online sales, you need to work harder to improve your brand’s online presence.

Before planning your customer acquisition strategy, first, find out what makes customers convert into buyers.

  • In the UK, 86 per cent of shoppers compare prices from one store to another – most shoppers check price tags to find the best cost. So be prepared to reduce your profit margin to stay ahead of your competition.
  • British customers love loyalty schemes – if a UK consumer decides to buy from one brand, they will likely purchase from the same brand in the future. According to a study, 77 per cent of British adults join loyalty programmes. Customers love the loyalty perks and exclusive deals offered by brands to their regular buyers.

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  • The British customer interacts with advertising campaigns, especially those found online – so develop a strategy to boost your online presence. Ensure that you have a well-designed website, and your company is active on social media. If you are located in the Midlands, you can consult a professional team to help you with web internet marketing services in Northampton. You can team up with these experts to plan your media strategy for SEO, social media and paid ads.
  • Although UK consumers love browsing online, they prefer buying in physical stores – studies reveal that consumers love comparing products online, but still want to have an in-store experience. This is why your strategy requires a holistic approach that incorporates both online and offline marketing and sales.

Attracting potential customers may be a challenging task for business owners. However, it’s an integral part of a bigger journey of converting prospects into buyers and brand champions. After convincing people to check your brand, you still need to direct them towards purchasing your products and staying engaged with your company. After-sales service, product updates and fresh, useful online content help keep your brand in mind. By incorporating an analysis of consumer behaviour into your website design, you set the foundations for long-term growth.

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