Four Digital Marketing Strategies to Attact More Holiday Shoppers

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The holidays are just around the corner, and marketers are likely getting prepared from the Christmas buying rush. This is the perfect time to maximize the impact of their marketing campaigns and help companies sell more products and services as possible.

Marketing and brand management are critical when consumer activity is at its peak. With the pandemic going on, consumers are likely buying gifts online and spending more time on e-commerce websites. For this reason, businesses should have a solid digital marketing strategy to take advantage of the upcoming holiday season.

Holiday marketing campaigns are an effective way to target Christmas shoppers. But before the holidays arrive, marketers and business owners should have a concrete plan and a solid online infrastructure to strike big opportunities and increase sales before the new year arrives.

In this article, we’ll explore the best holiday marketing strategies for online businesses. These strategies will surely kick off your holiday campaigns while taking advantage of the holiday fever!

Start your campaigns early

Start planning your campaigns as early as September or even much earlier. Having more time allows you to establish an ideal timeline for your campaigns.

Launching your campaigns right before the holidays gives your campaigns more exposure while allowing the audience to have more time to see and think about your campaigns. Your campaigns will certainly attract early holiday buyers, especially if you’ll be offering seasonal promos and holiday sales.

Shipping delays are also another reason why you should start early. The pandemic is causing supply chain issues, combined with rising demand, forcing consumers to start holiday shopping early to ensure their orders arrive just before the holidays.

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Keep it personal

The holiday is a time of giving, embracing nostalgia, and making fond memories, so use this time to build a connection with your audience.

Leverage your marketing tactics by offering customized gifts, such as gift tags containing personal messages or special bundles for certain people or loved ones, such as parents, friends, teachers, bosses, or coworkers.

Shopping for holiday gifts can be tough if you have plenty of recipients. Selling personalized presents are enticing and relatable offerings, which relieves customers of the burden when thinking of ideal gifts to buy.

Use email marketing

During the busy holiday season, people will always be on the go. As more people get their vaccines, many of them are catching up on holiday shopping and running errands. This means they don’t have plenty of time for physical mail, in-person encounters, and phone calls. For this reason, email marketing will come in handy for your holiday marketing campaign.

Believe it or not, email marketing is still an effective way to reach customers. Holiday shoppers are always on the lookout for promotions, discounts, and the best deal, and businesses take advantage of this by offering a variety of holiday offers.

This is also applicable for customers who choose to shop online and avoid the Christmas rush. So, you may likely expect that everyone’s inboxes are filled with email marketing during the holidays.

With so many holiday promotions this season, it’s essential to keep your email marketing strategy standing out amid the sea of holiday messages. You need a strong subject line followed by a personalized email that highlights your sales, promotions, or a holiday product line. Remember, a simple email makes a huge difference by educating and encouraging shoppers to buy from you.

Offer interactive campaigns

The holidays are the time when consumers are constantly in touch with their favorite brands. So, use this opportunity to strengthen customer relations by running festive, interactive campaigns.

Sure, consumers get excited by extravagant deals (e.g., shopping spree or free vacation), but you can establish the middle ground while still reaping the outcome of your holiday campaign.

Attract customers and visitors to your website by making quizzes, surveys, and polls. If you have a budget, launch a contest or holiday giveaway. Holiday giveaways are quite popular on social media platforms. Brands encourage the audience to follow, like, share, comment, and the winners will be chosen via raffle. This is a great way to increase your exposure with the help of your audience.

Another tip is to launch a video marketing ad and upload it to your website and social media channels. But make sure to include compelling content to get more views.

The holidays are certainly a busy yet exciting time for shoppers, marketers, and business owners. When planning a holiday marketing strategy, you need to set your business up for success and provide the best products or services for your consumers during the holiday season.

We understand how the holidays will be hectic for you, so you better consult an experienced digital marketing agency to boost your sales this holiday rush.

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