Influencer Marketing: Is It the Right Tool for You?

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Digital marketing has many tools in its pocket that can help businesses thrive. One particular marketing strategy that almost every digital agency in Gaithersburg often uses is influencer marketing. However, is this kind of marketing right for your business, or should you try something else? The short answer is: “Yes, you should try influencer marketing.”

Defining influencer marketing

For you to understand why influencer marketing is useful to your company, you need to know first what it does. Influencer marketing is a marketing tactic wherein people with high social media influence promote your brand on their platforms. Instead of going through traditional advertising, your influencers will be the ones telling your target market all about your brand and why they should patronize it. It’s a much less expensive way to market your products, but it is every bit effective as traditional advertising, if not more.

Influencer marketing is more effective

Why is it more effective? Think about this: Most online advertising can be blocked by users in several ways. If a person is watching a video on YouTube and sees that there’s an ad playing before the video he wants to see, he can simply skip through the ad.

If a person is searching for an item via Google, he has the option to ignore all of the ads that appear in the search engine and even on the website. If pop-up ads appear, he can even click on an icon to block those ads.

The gist is that customers have the power to prevent traditional online advertising from peppering them with ads. But with influencer marketing, you and your influencer have the power to target your customers.

People flock to influencers

Gorgeous young woman reviewing and endorsing cosmetic products

Imagine a celebrity is endorsing a product on TV. Even if that celebrity is not an expert on the product they are endorsing, people will still buy it. Matthew McConaughey did just that for the Lincoln car company.

Back in 2014, McConaughey was featured in a Lincoln ad driving one of their cars while sharing his thoughts about anything with the audience. The ad was spoofed in numerous ways. Saturday Night Live had Jim Carrey parodying McConaughey. South Park parodied it as well. Even Ellen DeGeneres made fun of the ad by pretending to be inside the car the whole time McConaughey was doing his thing.

But the ad was successful. Because of the presence of Matthew McConaughey, they were able to increase the sales of Lincoln. The ad was a favorite topic of discussion, and sometimes derision, among car lovers, but it also inspired them to buy cars from Lincoln.

Imagine if you have a celebrity talking about your product and that celebrity is loved by many people. Thousands of people will also buy your product just because one famous person has endorsed it.Influencers may not be as famous as Matthew McConaughey, but they do have a large number of followers on their social media platforms. Those people listen to what influencers have to say.

If your influencer has something good to say about your company and your products, their followers will think about purchasing your items. That is why influencer marketing is a strong marketing tactic that you should not ignore. Find your influencer today, and let them be your voice in promoting your brand. You’re sure to increase your sales in no time. It is an effective marketing tool that can boost your sales without breaking your budget.

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