How Influencers are Changing the Marketing Game


Influencers are everywhere. They’re on every platform, on your feed, and on your recommended videos. It’s as if they’re almost unavoidable online and that’s what many brands and businesses use to their advantage.

Influencers sometimes show off beauty products, the latest tech, and clothing brands, and most of the time not without a reason. One means of revenue for them is accepting partnerships, sponsorships, and deals with different brands and businesses. As easy as that might sound, there’s actually a lot of moving parts that make a successful marketing campaign. For one, influencers should have a following, a consistent image, and be deemed to have authority to speak about a subject like beauty, sports, or tech.

A brand can have advertising needs answered by a full-service provider such as Media Crew but can still consider influencer marketing. As dynamic as marketing is now because of technology, it’s something worth exploring. But before getting into the why’s, let’s cover the what’s. What makes one an influencer, and what is influencer marketing?

Who Is an Influencer?

An influencer, with his or her numerous followers on social media and other platforms, can affect their audience’s buying decisions. If your favorite influencer ticks all the boxes, it’s no surprise that they’re an influencer.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is another way brands market their products and services through influencers. Through their recommendations and endorsements, the brand reaches an untapped market. Because of the followers’ trust, the influencer’s opinion has weight as they view them to have authority over a niche or topic. This is especially effective for persuading potential customers to check the product out themselves. Sometimes, influencers share products they believe in and get a brand deal that way.

How Influencer Marketing Making Waves in the Marketing Landscape

What would traditionally be part of a celebrity’s job can now be done by people with a big following on the internet. The charm in the latter is that they are regular people many can relate to. Being that their space is online, their reach is vital for marketing too. Here are some reasons to get on this trend.

High Engagement Rates

Part of being an influencer is building a community of like-minded people, fostering trust and a sense of belongingness in everyone.  On top of that, influencers have other means to increase viewership and followers too. An influencer can only do these things by staying active and responsive to their followers. Growth in viewership and following are key indicators of an active and engaging influencer. This ultimately means that whatever they endorse, will have a wide reach.


“Pre-Categorized” Target Market

Each influencer has a demographic of their audience. This can be useful for lead generation. An influencer’s brand may be similar to that of the businesses who wish to collaborate with them, depending on their niche. If otherwise were to happen, viewers can easily spot this inconsistency, and might even have a negative attitude towards the endorsement. For it to be more effective, the brand must partner with an influencer who will represent the brand the best.

User-Generated Content

A friendly face to represent the brand is ten times better than the brand representing itself. People prefer the former because what they see is what people have to say about the brand, or why others are vouching for their products or services. Testimonies and honest feedback always have a bigger impact on the decision to purchase, especially if it’s coming from a person people trust. Besides, people trust other people’s opinions than what the brand says they can do.

Diversified Means of Communication

Diversified content is always good. It helps with online engagement and it keeps everyone on their toes. But a diversified means of communicating, or marketing, in this case, widens the reach even more. Partnering with various influencers in their respective channels like podcasts or Youtube videos is one of the most effective ways to spread out lead generation.

Although many would forget this fact, influencers are still real people. Real people with real problems, and real needs. Just like everybody else, they’re facing problems brought about by the pandemic. Staying at home, viewers are able to have a more intimate knowledge of their daily routines and what they use on a daily.

Sometimes, these products they love to use aren’t even sponsored. This makes for relatable content, which could make a brand’s product or service the solution to some little problems or needs in their daily lives.

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