Smart Home: Top 5 Smart Technologies You Should Have

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There is an increasing demand for smart home devices, thanks to their easy-to-use reputation and energy and money-saving capabilities. Sixty-two million American households are projected to become “smart” by 2022, according to research firm Berg Insight.

Smart home technology can improve ownership experience with added comfort, convenience and security. You only need a Wi-Fi network and a smartphone or a voice command to incorporate smart devices into your living space.

So we list down five important smart appliances and accessories you should consider installing in your homes.

Smart Thermostats

Are your cooling and heating needs taking up a big chunk of your monthly energy bills? Consider installing a smart thermostat in your home to save money while delivering comfort to your family.

Smart thermostats can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, enabling you to control them via a voice-activated assistant or your smartphone.

Most of the smart thermostats in the market use algorithms to learn your family’s daily schedules and temperature preferences, and even weather conditions in Salt Lake City. They can detect when your home is occupied or when you’re away so that the cooling and heating system operates only when it is needed.

USB Wall Outlets

Almost everyone has a smartphone, e-reader or tablet that needs USB connectivity. One way to make your home more convenient and device friendly is to install USB wall outlets.

With USB electrical outlets, you no longer have to plug your USB cable into an adapter first. Built-in USB outlets will allow your family members to plug many devices into a single outlet, charge a bit faster and free up receptacles for other uses.

Home Audio

Make your smart home more fun by investing in a whole-home audio system. Taking the do-it-yourself route can be an option but a home audio expert near Salt Lake City will save you time, stress and money in the long run.

With a home audio system, you don’t have to worry about the battery life of your devices or clunky speakers and audio equipment. You and your guests can have a great time listening to music or audiobooks no matter where you are in your home.

Smart Lighting

light installation

What is a smart home without smart lights? For starters, they allow households to control lighting remotely, minimizing unnecessary energy use.

By connecting your smart lights to your Wi-Fi network, you can turn on or off the lights and adjust the brightness by controlling them using your smartphone or voice command. Smart lighting also has a feature that makes it appear people are home when they are not.

Smart Security System

If the security of your family is a priority for you, consider installing motion sensors, home security cameras, and smart door locks.

Motion sensors monitor movements and noise and alert you through your mobile device or your neighbors through a flash if they detect anything that is not normal.

Think about buying smart door locks if you want a complete smart home security system. Door locks, when linked to your phone, automatically unlock as you approach. Even if you’re away, you can monitor who opens the door and be alerted.

More smart technologies continue to pop up in the market. Investing in some of them makes your life more convenient and improves your security, giving you peace of mind.

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