The Paradox of Business Growth

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There’s a lot going on with business and the bigger it grows, the more difficult it is to keep track of every little thing. There exists a paradox in that instead of you learning from growing the business, you figure out holes and problems you haven’t encountered before. These very same holes may cost you money or worse, may invite hackers in.

These are some of the problems you need to look out for to protect your business.

Curious Hackers

Cybersecurity is a massive threat to all businesses. Hackers don’t discriminate between industries. Even established IT companies have to deal with potential hackers every day just as a budding business needs to double up on their efforts and utilize ServiceNow security operations to keep the bad guys away.

The worst thing you can do is assume you’re protected completely, as hackers can look for any kind of vulnerability in your system and take advantage of it. You may be surprised at how many things can give hackers a way in. That security update you didn’t install may have vulnerabilities hackers know just how to exploit.

Disgruntled Former Employees

Employees are there to handle crucial tasks for your company. You may have employed several individuals, some of whom haven’t stayed in the company for a long time. Perhaps you had to let go of some of them because of their behavior or reluctance to comply with company code. The problem is while you may be in the right in letting them go, they may still take it personally and attempt to exact revenge for your decision.

And because they know some personal information about your company, they have some ammunition to use. To protect your company from disgruntled employees, change all passwords and disavow their access as soon as they render their last day at work. You don’t have to do this for every employee who leaves the company, but if someone left on particularly bad terms, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Competitive Businesses

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You’re not the only business out there, and because you’ve garnered some success, you’ll be in the radar of your competitors. No one likes losing, which means if you’re ahead of them, they may do a little bit of studying and observing to see how you do it. That’s the mild way of putting it. Some of your competitors may be more inclined to sabotaging you to get their business to the top.

It’s always better to be aware of what your competitors are doing. Even if you don’t intend to retaliate, you can still know how far your bigger competitors are willing to go, and you can set measures in place to protect your brand. If you see them releasing products or promoting services that are too similar to yours, for instance, you may want to check if any of your employees are leaking information.

You can’t be lenient just because you’ve already achieved some sort of growth. The farther you go, the more threat follows you.

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