Why We Need Accurate Flow Meter Readings

Pressure Flow Meter

Gas and water are basic necessities for every family. These are used every day for cooking, heating, bathing, and washing—things that we all do from time to time. The delivery of gas and water should be monitored and controlled; otherwise, there could be dangerous consequences.

There are many instruments being used for water and gas, such as the portable ultrasonic flow meter. They give an accurate flow measurement that will guarantee the quality of the product. These measurements are the backbone of the operations since the efficiency is also dependent on it.

If the gas or water flow is not measured, employees who work and man the valve would not know whether they need to tighten or loosen the valve pump, and in some cases, there would be accidents. For the gas, they would not be able to see whether there is a leak. Any spark could cause an explosion on the premises.

Importance of Flow Meters in Gathering Operations and Facilities

At any stage in gas and oil operations, there is always a need for accurate flow measurement, but there is also a lot at stake in the gathering facilities. In those operations, there can be as many as ten million gallons of the material being transported. With that much volume involved or any small inaccuracy in the flow rate, it will result in massive losses.

Here’s a sample computation to illustrate the amount of losses that can be incurred. Let’s say there is a gathering station that pumps 10,000 gallons of oil. At that volume, even if you have just a fraction, like 0.02% deficit on the actual amount being pumped, the station will lose 68 barrels every day. The resulting loss fluctuates with the price of gas, but at 40$ per barrel, the amounting loss could reach almost a million dollars.

Flow Rate Accuracy Can Help Reduce Water Usage

Man checking water pressure heaer

For the water flow, there are other factors that affect the purity of the discharge. That is why they need to use electromagnetic flow meters, along with the control valves to store and purify the discharge. They use treatments to control the resulting wastewater emissions, and they need to keep that within a tolerable limit. Otherwise, there would be too much water wasted.

Electromagnetic flow meters are able to give low-pressure water a drop, and they will also have high accuracy in their readings. Because of these, they can have a high turndown ratio and high-quality repeatability.

The electromagnetic flow meters are durable since they do not have breakable parts and they do not obstruct. It is not affected by the pressure and temperature increases because it is very stable. The final effect of a stable and accurate flow meter is that the water technicians can adjust the valves and reduce any emissions that cause more wastewater. The precious resource is then conserved.

With its role in workplace safety, the accuracy of the readings of the water and gas flow meters is extremely important. This is augmented by their role in the conservation of resources that are not renewable. For the industry players, these factors and the resulting financial savings make flow meters a worthy investment.

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